how this looks.

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SOLAR COOKER NEW DESIGN PRINCE 15  –>    sol cooker p15 IMAGE    available in Nashik at www,greentechguru.com,

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parabolic solar cooker new design

Standardization in Manufacturing.
Cooker is portable and can be folded.
Easy to install, and packing after use.
Can be fitted on parapet wall or railing of balcony.
Cooker can be turned inside the balcony for loading and unloading of pot.
1. Truly DIY (Do It Yourself) kit. Very few components and joints. Owner can assemble himself. Saving large cost on account of installation. Installation time 20 minutes.
2. Only design available in the market with “Balcony Mounting”.
3. Dish is made in Galvanised sheets and reflectors are riveted on this dish. Much stronger and stable dish for longer solar cooker life.
4. Very compact box packing. Easy transportability. Box size is 30”X30”X7”. Wt. 25 kgs.
5. Factory fitted Reflectors .
6. Highly accurate profile and consistent quality.
7. Ranked as one of the best solar cookers in the world by experts.
8. Design has won national Innovation award. Patent initiated by designer.

on this solar cooker you can use your regular cooker of say 5 ltr capacity with black outer coating and can cook for 5 to 6 peoples.No smoke, no fuel ,no running cost,saves environment,saves money and lot.

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introducing the business to first customer-online solar consultant

what i am planning, what i breath– the green India and idea behind that which comes as a out put of some social type movement or business (what name suits?)– i presented the work of this green movement to one of dealer in Nashik city and a response is positive. Customer will get well informed buying decision through the web portal and dealer will get order without searching for new customers, which is win win situation. And he liked the Idea and ready to be a member of the site.

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On one fine day there is phone call to me. ‘hallow i want solar airconditioner , do you supply it? wow i got surprised that peoples are asking for solar air conditioner also besides solar heater and solar light. Thats good sign that peoples are thinking to to lower their electricity bill by adopting solar or any renewable power mean. OK. Solar air conditioner …how will it work ..some hybrid solar AC works on partly on grid power and partly on sun heat. That means you can save at least half or 40 percent of your power bill on AC……not bad…. some good technology solar airconditioners will be made available through http://www.greentechguru.com…coming soon …please be in touch.

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how you select a good solar water heater and a installer

if you are at this page then you might be planning to save money on your monthly electricity bill or a gas cyllinder bill.

yes ,, installing a solar water heater is  best solution to reduce your monthly expences on electricity bill or gas bill.

so how would you search a good installer and a good solar heater..

ohh you dont know how much capacity solar do you really need?

how much will it cost?, what extra work you have to do along with solar? would it really save your bills? who will be best installer? which brand is good? whether dealer will give after sales service? what about maintenance cost?…so this is the long list of questionary..

then what you will do………..?

you will call local dealer  to come to your house and get quotation from him he will spend your 2 hours to give you a eastimate. but till you are not sure for its quality and cost……………then what you will call another installer/dealer ..then he will do same thing again for 2 hours….again next dealer…..and again next dealer ,,,,till you get satisfied …

thus you lost your 15 days evenings to search a good solar and a good installer/dealer..

but till you might have some dought about warrenty ,after sales service..if every thing goes right then you will be relaxed  if not then what??

ohh lot of questions…




. want answer to all those your queries?

want a good solar ?

want a good experienced installer/dealer

also want solar at some reduced price with good quality?

wants some one to take care for your solar’s good functioning.?

yes then you are at the right place ……check answer in next blog.


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