IF we dont save ,protect our environment , environment will not save us.do whatever mean it may but protect our environment.How can we do it.
1.just start with a tiny solar study lamp which will give you proud feeling that you are protecting your environment.
2.use mini solar home lighting system and use those solar lamps where you need a lamp to glow for a night ie night lamps,corridor lamps , balcony lamps etc.
3. use solar water heater which will save you much money on your electricity bill/gas bill.
4.use energy efficient home appliences.
5.if some more money is there use a solar power pack to power you home , good news is that solar prices are too much down those days
5.use two separate bins to collect dry waste and wet waste.Give these dry waste to recycle. if possible make use of wet waste (food waste, etc) to make a compost .if space is there boigas will be best option , mini biogas plant are available at cheaper rates which will fulfill your gas needs of cooking.
6. if you are cooking on wood fire , you can use biomass stove ,some good design are available there which almost does not emit smoke and comes with blue flame.
If you adopt all those things then you will be top soldier to protect environment or else adopt at least one of those and it will be good move BY  YOU to protect environment.


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